My water bill is


usually $110/m and there are 6 people in the house and we have a pool. My electric is anywhere from $200-300 in the summer, less in the other seasons…I only turned on the heat a few times last winter, so it was closer to the $200. I try not to use the a/c after Sept 30 and before May 1.
I get irritated when my neighbor across the street tries to compare her bill to mine…you live alone, only do laundry 1x/m, take a bath/shower 1x/w, don’t cook and have a smaller house. I can see why your bill is only $80 for electric and water.

We looked closer at her bill


and they are being charged for 38,000 gallons of water per month! I use about 7,000. Something definitely seems to be wrong.
She’s getting a water evaluation on the 16th, so we will see the results then.

Since she’s using so much water, half the charge is a penalty. So if she can reduce her water usages just a little, her bill will be cut in half !



Of course I love talking about money and finances whenever I can. Last night at a football a group of us were talking and the subject of the drought and water came up. In the group were two families with big houses and big yards and pools, one lives in a small condo and we live in a nice size house, small yard, no pool.
My electric, water and gas bills were soooo much lower than all of them, it was almost unbelievable! One family has a water bill of over $600, mine averages around $60 and they clients of So, another has an electric bill of $300 (she lives in a condo), mine is $135 in the summer (my highest month)! I was actually proud. It makes me feel like I’m using our resources and money wisely which in turn gives me more money in my pocket for other things!

It was so much fun to talk money!