the average family spends 76$ on this holiday


I admit to spending much more in years past, it’s VERY easy to do when you have a big family.
But this year we spent $12.00. I am very excited to report that small fact. Especially since we are still in the shadow of a major move, which would have been (in previous years) enough of a reason to give myself permission to go off budget. But this time we didn’t. I think the idea of DH coming home so soon is scaring me straight (or crooked depending on your perspective!)
I was able to get the candy for treats at a good price. My downfall was that DH went to Hobby Lobby to get thread and saw the decorations—he did fairly well since everything was 50% off, so only $10 there. I did have to pick up a six pack of Bud Light for my neighbor….I left him talking to our whiney 65 yo neighbor, so I owe him for that, he’ll get it Halloween night.