I like to put together what my calls “a mean batch of nachos”


which shouldn’t be very expensive:

1 bag tortilla chips, round or triangular
2 8oz cans of refried beans (or you can cook up a batch of refried beans if you wish)
1 jar of salsa or picante sauce
1/4lb of pepperjack cheese

Using a microwave-safe platter or large dish, first spread out the bulk of the chips on the platter, as a base.
Then spread the refried beans over the chips (they spread easier if they’re warmed up)
Then pour the salsa or picante sauce over the beans, as much or as little as desired (we like a lot!)
Slice up the pepperjack into slices and arrange on top, or shred over the top

Microwave for 5 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

That feeds us for two days. So it might not be big enough for a party, but it’ll be a darned tasty part any meal!
what about doing enchiladas with cheese only on the top and just the meat & peppers for filling… could add beans to the filling… Ive had some like that too.
that would go lighter on the cheese. What about some sort of rice & bean dish… seems that mexican dishes use those as a protein in place of actual meat sometimes.

the car loan is down to approx $7900..


I’m considering using the $5k auto replacement “sinking fund” envelope and then scrape together the rest. It is one of the few budget items I can get rid of. Credit cards are paid off. Then I’d have $300/mo to add to the old medical bills and they’d be gone fast.

I have a couple of large debts that are essentially added to Baby Step SIX because of the amounts.

It’s scary to lose the sinking fund, but it does seem like I’ve been dumb to have it there and have a car payment. The vehicles aren’t fancy, but they’re not clunkers either.