I’m on daily digest again


and hope to pop in once in awhile. I know ya’ll understand!

We had the baby on Sept. 18th…just 5 days after my husband came home from China with our two newest blessings. Its been 5 weeks now and things are settling down finally. We are starting to have more good days and eventually the bad days will be rare…until then I’m grateful for the quiet calm days because they seem so rare right now!

We did a bad thing….we’re buying a brand spanking new van. The new Nissan NV…Husband will trade in his Nissan Xterra, plus a large chunk of cash down and finance the rest…we can’t stand having to take 2 separate vehicles all the time. Plus, we’re not saving anything in gas with two vehicles.

Anyway, I’m trying to get my life organized with 7 children and its a challenge!