What feels like triplets


are our birth 2.5 yr old and the two 5 yr olds. They are all about the same level so its definitely difficult! We adopted a boy and a girl (not 2 girls) and they are both 5. Our 5 yr old son is academically at level (smart as a whip) but socially and emotionally a 2 yr old. Also, our 5 yr old daughter is much more verbal and has great language development but socially/emotionally a 2 yr old.

So, our 2.5 yr old is now going through the challenges most 2 yr olds go through (hitting, kicking, biting, yelling NO, etc). Our newborn is the easiest baby ever! We had a baby boy named Donovan Kwade.

They don’t speak Mandarin. They each speak different dialects.

I was just wondering


about you and if your husband and fil had gotten home safely with your new son and daughter. I can’t imagine what an uproar your family must be in. The little ones having limited English suddenly being in this big family and a new baby immediately thereafter. You wanting to be SuperMama and worn out from being pregnant and then delivering. You left the link off your webpage (which I seem to keep losing from my bookmarks) So I can’t skip over there and catch-up (as if you have had time to write on that).
As for the new van, I don’t know that is such a bad thing. Your circumstances are unique and safety is a huge consideration. With that many little ones that are not yet use to each other you need one adult that is not distracted by driving to make sure everyone stays in their car seats and getting along.
After all is that, that much different than my saving for an expensive trip while still on baby step II? A trip we can put off and save up for.