2 of my kids upgraded to and got phones with data plans


Because of their busy schedules–work and college, we all thought this would be best. This way they can check both the school email and personal email without too much trouble. They are paying for the data plans.

I still need to upgrade my phone and another phone soon–they just don’t last very long. I’m trying to decide what I want–smart phone or just texting. with all the changes in the house, not sure which way to go. The kid will get a texting only phone.

The last phone that will need to be replaced is a phone that my kid’s former employer got for her–go phone crackberry, because I had grounded her and taken her usable phone to a kid who’s phone was dying and the boss thought she was taking too much time to text her….HELLO, just call…she had been using a $15 cheapy from dollar store. We will have to decide on if to do the data plan because of the busy schedule and being in

can’t speak


for the Apple masses who buy latest and greatest, but I do a massive amounts of baseball stats every year. I started on an iTouch, which works well, except when I had to enter 345 games worth of data in a week, on a 4″ screen.
So I got a 7″ Android-based tablet, which crashes at least once in any application I am using, daily.
Den has an iPad (work based) but it is way too heavy and bulky for me to use on a regular basis even if I could.

A 7.9″ Apple tablet which traditionally has a 100% stability rate is VERY attractive.
I don’t know about having the latest greatest…. I do like having what I perceive to be the best. Then I hold onto it until it doesn’t work anymore. My iPad has continued to be a great investment, and I just haven’t found a reason to upgrade it and it still works as it did when first purchased. Now Apple will make it obsolete by refusing to offer it upgrades after a while.

I had an iPhone, just don’t care for it, but I feel generally the same way about phones. Their planned life cycle is much shorter.