can’t speak


for the Apple masses who buy latest and greatest, but I do a massive amounts of baseball stats every year. I started on an iTouch, which works well, except when I had to enter 345 games worth of data in a week, on a 4″ screen.
So I got a 7″ Android-based tablet, which crashes at least once in any application I am using, daily.
Den has an iPad (work based) but it is way too heavy and bulky for me to use on a regular basis even if I could.

A 7.9″ Apple tablet which traditionally has a 100% stability rate is VERY attractive.
I don’t know about having the latest greatest…. I do like having what I perceive to be the best. Then I hold onto it until it doesn’t work anymore. My iPad has continued to be a great investment, and I just haven’t found a reason to upgrade it and it still works as it did when first purchased. Now Apple will make it obsolete by refusing to offer it upgrades after a while.

I had an iPhone, just don’t care for it, but I feel generally the same way about phones. Their planned life cycle is much shorter.