the average family spends 76$ on this holiday


I admit to spending much more in years past, it’s VERY easy to do when you have a big family.
But this year we spent $12.00. I am very excited to report that small fact. Especially since we are still in the shadow of a major move, which would have been (in previous years) enough of a reason to give myself permission to go off budget. But this time we didn’t. I think the idea of DH coming home so soon is scaring me straight (or crooked depending on your perspective!)
I was able to get the candy for treats at a good price. My downfall was that DH went to Hobby Lobby to get thread and saw the decorations—he did fairly well since everything was 50% off, so only $10 there. I did have to pick up a six pack of Bud Light for my neighbor….I left him talking to our whiney 65 yo neighbor, so I owe him for that, he’ll get it Halloween night.

Good reminder!


Each holiday season, I *try* to shop our local downtown square. There are lots of shops–most of them gifty type stores. Once I’m down there, I always think–why don’t I shop here more often? The shopkeepers are so helpful and really enjoy finding out about what you are buying and for who. But the part that really makes me smile is when they hand you your purchase and say–Thanks for shopping local!
Makes me feel like I’m making a diffence in my local economy.

Speaking of holidays,


a friend of mine just forwarded a note to a bunch of us, about buying Christmas gifts this year from local, family owned businesses. I didn’t want to pass on the email itself because it’s one of those that has been forwarded 50 gazillion times. But it did remind me of the website someone here sent me, when I was looking for Made In The USA power tools earlier this year:

That website is a clearinghouse of companies which are owned and run within the USA, employing American workers, making goods for the American people. As we start to figure out what to give for the holidays, I would humbly but strongly suggest we keep our dollars home as much as possible. Whatever your gift-giving categories (clothing, accessories, home decor, artisan goods, baby gear, appliances, etc), that website provides links to companies who make and sell those products. Here’s to keeping our dollars in the good old USA, and helping to boost our fellow American employees and business owners.