I’m one of those people who just doesn’t get it.


I don’t understand the upgrading to the new and improved Apple everything every year. My daughter has a good income, isn’t married, hasn’t any dependents, has me to cover her health insurance (I’m sure she’ll slide until she’s 26 which is ludicrious, but that’s another conversation), has to have the new Apple laptop/cell phone every year and can’t make rent. My son can look at my Iphone (my work provides it to me) and can tell me what model it is. What is the deal? I don’t get it. It’s all just stuff. I’m thankful for my Iphone, and if my work didn’t provide it, and if I didn’t have the job I did which requires a lot of long distance phone calls and emailing (sorry, but I will always have a landline because I appreciate the value of my 911 phone calls going directly to my local 911 services and not to some other vague city in the cyperspace world), I wouldn’t have it. It’s neat, but it’s not that huge of a life changing deal. It’s a convenience. As for what Apple puts out next, I’m not forking over money for something that is seemingly new and improved and then in another year or so will be old and obsolete. It’s silly. Again, I just don’t get it.