My son joined in 2010 also :: letter from Jenna ::

and doesn’t show any sign of “seeing the light”. Unfortunately, I did not find this site until I had already alienated him. I can’t ask him any questions, he has deemed the subject of “his business” off limits. As some of you may remember, he has thrown thousands of dollars away on product, seminars and cd’s.
He has been convinced that college is a waste of time and that he will be extremely wealthy by following this plan.

I know you are trying to help, but I think that your story might be quite unique. I think most of us (family members or friends) are at the end of our ropes and our loved one has labeled us the enemy.

My strongest advice to anyone starting this journey. Go gently, the mind control that the AMO’s practice has a stronger hold on your loved one than you do. Go informed, what I have learned in the few months I have been reading these postings is invaluable.

Good luck…..Jenna