What feels like triplets


are our birth 2.5 yr old and the two 5 yr olds. They are all about the same level so its definitely difficult! We adopted a boy and a girl (not 2 girls) and they are both 5. Our 5 yr old son is academically at level (smart as a whip) but socially and emotionally a 2 yr old. Also, our 5 yr old daughter is much more verbal and has great language development but socially/emotionally a 2 yr old.

So, our 2.5 yr old is now going through the challenges most 2 yr olds go through (hitting, kicking, biting, yelling NO, etc). Our newborn is the easiest baby ever! We had a baby boy named Donovan Kwade.

They don’t speak Mandarin. They each speak different dialects.